TrafficSqueezer is a Linux-based open-source WAN Optimization project released under GNU GPL - v2 & BSD License - clause2 licenses. TrafficSqueezer can be used to optimize your critical-networks such as WAN Links in various scenarios as suggested below:

  • Aerospace Communications (In-flight Wifi networks)
  • Defense Communications
  • Marine Internet
  • Teleradiology Networks
  • Mobile Networks - 3G/4G Networks
  • VoIP Networks
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Deep Space Networks (DSN)
  • CallCenter/BPO/Customer-Support Communications
  • Content Delivery Networks or Content Distribution Networks (CDN)

For example Data optimization in Deep Space Networks (DSN):



  • 2015 Apr-2015 Raspberry Pi WAN Optimization Device
  • 2015 Jan-2015 Mainstream: SIRI Series
  • 2014 Jun-2014 Mainstream: SHREE Series
  • 2014 Jan-2014 Mainstream: SANVI Series
  • 2013 Aug-2013 Mainstream: COTTON-CANDY Series
  • 2012 Jul-2012 Mainstream: SOLAR-FLARE Series, Mar-2012 Mainstream: PANDA-CUB Series
  • 2011 Apr-2011 Mainstream release
  • 2010 Dec-2010 Beta release, Jun-2010 Pre-Beta release
  • 2009 Sep-2009 Inaugurated:
  • 2008 Dec-2008 Alpha release
  • 2007 Apr-2007 Registered in Pre-Alpha release
  • 2006 Sep-2006 Started research on WAN Optimization


TrafficSqueezer is mostly a platform independent kernel networking stack. Although the open-source release is a reference Ubuntu kernel release for x86_64, TrafficSqueezer supports any hardware platform. So far TrafficSqueezer is ported and successfully tested on:


Please watch this complete detailed video to know TrafficSqueezer optimization in VOIP Networks:

Download (x86)

The latest TrafficSqueezer should be available exclusively only for Raspberry Pi2 device.

  • x86 TrafficSqueezer release is discontinued

Raspberry Pi WAN Optimization Device

Kindly visit: Building Raspberry Pi WAN Optimization Device.


Kiran Kankipati Founder TrafficSqueezer

Kiran Kankipati
Worked in Open-Source, Linux Kernel and Network Protocol technologies for 15 years.
Started TrafficSqueezer world's first Linux Kernel WAN Optimization solution.
Involved in WAN Optimization research and development since past 9 years.
Currently I work as an Independent Technical consultant, Product Architect and advisor.

Contact email: kiran -(dot)- kankipati -(at)- gmail -(dot)- com

My YouTube Channel: The Linux Channel